About Us

Talk 2 Rhonda started as a vision between two friends, Cherriann “Rhonda” Calhoun and Sara Voyard.  They shared an innate ability to engage in conversations that ultimately inspired the other party. They both experienced deep, personal conversations, often with perfect strangers, that would leave others feeling motivated and uplifted.

Cherriann’s experience of over 20 years as a registered nurse afforded her countless opportunities for therapeutic communication.  Her love for humanity and community drove her to become a dedicated Life Coach of over 20 years.  Her personal endeavors as President of a Nonprofit Organization and Administrator of an Assisted Living Facility have further convinced her of her purpose. As a mother of five and grandmother of four, Cherriann has garnered a wealth of knowledge and experience dealing with the twists and turns of life.

For over a decade, Sara has had the privilege of serving as a Life Coach for individuals who aimed to draw closer to a higher power and find true purpose in life. Her experience created genuine familiarity with the intricacies of human needs, desires, and motivation. Having worked with people from literally all walks of life, Sara demonstrated an uncanny ability to draw people in, get to the root of their deepest concerns, help them view all the angles to the situation, and ultimately transform them into the person they always dreamt of being. Sara’s unparalleled energy, positive outlook on life, balanced views, and genuine love for people has made Life Coaching the ultimate avenue for her to help make our community a better one for everyone in it.

Driven by their mutual desire to help others attain a progressive, enjoyable life path, Cherriann and Sara created Talk 2 Rhonda.  Having been Life Coaches for years, they decided to make their services affordable and accessible to everyone.  Talk 2 Rhonda was born as a place where anyone could call to get solace, feedback or motivation at the very moment they needed it most. It was developed as an outlet for people to be listened to without being judged; a place where one could obtain advice or Life Coaching at an affordable price. Nothing a caller expresses at Talk 2 Rhonda is too grave, too insignificant, or too shocking.  It’s a sanctuary of peace, motivation, and empowerment.

Cherriann, Sara and their team of professional Lifestyle Strategists and Life Coaches are actively pursuing their mission to compassionately work with people and positively impact our communities. At Talk 2 Rhonda we believe happier, more satisfied people become better citizens, neighbors, parents, spouses, children, employees, and friends.