Hello, my name is Rhonda Calhoun.

I’m a certified Life Coach and have been a Registered Nurse for over 20 years. My broad life experiences and my interactions with people from all walks of life have invested in me an abundance of caring, empathy, understanding and introspection. These qualities have proved to be essential in the mastery of life skills needed for personal growth and development. I’ve spent decades motivating, supporting and uplifting women. My education, experience and skills have enabled me to help women recognize unhealthy relationships, reignite lackluster marriages, launch or improve their careers, rediscover themselves after years of neglect and love themselves with passion and purpose.

My journey began when I got married at the young age of 19, to a man that had no knowledge whatsoever of how to be a good husband nor father to the two children that we conceived. Nevertheless, by age 24, I left that disastrous marriage and experience. I returned to my parents’ home; with two small children, no job, low self-esteem, no personal belongings to speak of and only a thread of faith left. In the midst of my defeat, I managed to muster up enough strength to convince myself that if I could focus more on what I had than what I had lost or didn’t have; I would survive. So, I gave myself 3 months to get on my feet. I had recently completed nursing school but still needed to obtain my Nursing License. I worked two jobs, at times 24 hours straight with only a few minutes to travel from one hospital to the other. Somehow, I used my pain to fuel my determination to rise above defeat and failure. Shortly thereafter, I obtained my nursing license, moved out of my parents’ home (to the condo across the hall), bought a car, met my current husband (the love of my life), and began to live again.

I have been a self-proclaimed DIVA ever since! For me, a DIVA is more than just a self-centered Prima-Donna. It’s the very essence of WOMANHOOD. It’s that part of a women that makes us resilient. It’s that drive and determination that pushes us when we’re weary. It’s that GRIT and GRIND that many women demonstrate with seemingly little or no effort. To be a woman is to be a DIVA. We may not always realize or recognize our inner DIVA, but she’s in there.

My life’s purpose is to empower woman. I support women thru the many hurdles of life such as problematic or broken relationships, personal failures or feelings of being stuck or unworthy. I serve to help women find, develop and express their inner DIVA like they never thought possible. Together, we access healing and redefine womanhood!