Our trained Life Coaches and Strategists provide a variety of services including advice, mentoring, grief support, conflict resolution, life coaching or just a listening ear.  We foster a safe, confidential environment for you to navigate your personal journey.  YOU Talk, We Listen, We Guide, YOU Grow!

Sara at Talk 2 Rhonda is the embodiment of love and understanding.  Being a Life Coach is her calling, as she listens without judgment and brings wisdom and hope to any life predicament.  I have been grateful to have Sara as my Life Coach for several sessions across the past several months.  At times it feels as if Sara can read thoughts as she listens and connects and guides toward a brighter future.  Sara’s pragmatism, astuteness, uplifting energy, and dedication to her clients is one-of-a-kind! 

Marissa, New Jersey

During one of my Talk 2 Rhonda sessions we spoke about my career goals. My Lifestyle Strategist, who also happened to be a Business Coach, helped me realize that I was at a stump, letting the good, youthful years pass by. She helped me see I needed to do something about it fast! In this session, my hustler mentality was reignited and was motivated to make more money and have a fulfilling position at the same time. As of now, I am taking the corresponding steps to reach my new career goals. Many thanks to Talk 2 Rhonda. 

Crystal, Florida

I have received Life Coaching services from Talk 2 Rhonda for a little over 2 months.  They have coached me out of a deep state of depression, hands down the worst of my entire life. Our weekly meets, being checked in on constantly and being assigned homework took my mind off the negativity and taught me how to focus on positive things in life. I had lost custody of my daughters, lost my job and contemplated suicide, but at Talk 2 Rhonda they taught me that the center of my focus should be getting my daughters back because that’s what they would want. Their words of encouragement, focus, and strength guided me out of depression. They gave me a new perspective on life. No longer do I live in doubt or shame, but in openness and confidence. I now own two small businesses, both of which are doing well and I now have custody of my daughters again. I live and see life in a different light and am forever grateful for what Talk 2 Rhonda has done for me.
Mark, South Carolina

Aunque llevo relativamente poco tiempo trabajando con Talk 2 Rhonda, desde muy temprano sentí que podía confiarles detalles de mi matrimonio, el cual sentía que estaba estancado. La intuición no me falló, porque los consejos, asesoría y acompañamiento que recibí fueron claves para empezar a ver una nueva forma de superar los obstáculos. Han sido muchas buenas charlas y en todas he encontrado autenticidad y nuevas estrategias para enfrentar las dificultades. Ahora veo las cosas con más claridad y mi matrimonio se ha fortalecido. Claro está, mi esposa y yo pusimos de nuestra parte para cambiar, pero seguramente sin Talk 2 Rhonda el camino a la recuperación hubiese sido más largo y enredado

English Translation: 
Although I’ve been working with Talk 2 Rhonda for a relatively short time, I very quickly felt I could trust them with details of my marriage; a marriage which I felt had become stagnant. My intuition didn’t fail me, because the advice, coaching, and partnership I received were key to finding a new way to view overcoming obstacles. Our talks have been very good and in all of them I have found authenticity and new strategies to face difficulties. Now I see things with more clarity and my marriage has been strengthened. Needless to say, my wife and I did our part in changing, but without Talk 2 Rhonda the road to recovery would have surely been much longer and tangled. Thank you!
Eduardo, Bogotá, Colombia