During the time I was receiving coaching and feedback from Rhonda, I could see things that I have never thought about before, and some I did but did not realize it was meant for me. I learned a lot about my self, about the good in me and that I deserve better. I can now focus on those things. I also realized I have grown from my past and that I was shaping my future according to my dreams and desires. I enjoyed her way of communicating with me and her advice. Her experience and expertise gave me confidence about what she was saying and the homework she assigned to me. I truly believe that she enhanced my life.


Rhonda at Talk 2 Rhonda is amazing. She’s professional, insightful, and caring. When you need someone the most she is there. I would highly recommend her services. Great service providers can be hard to find these days, but she’s a natural. She connects with you on all levels and demonstrates her true willingness to help you grow as an individual.


Working with Rhonda as my life coach was a great experience. I learned so much!! I now have new perspectives and tools to help me handle what life throws at me.


Rhonda gave me clarity, peace of mind and a working agenda to help accomplish old goals and create new ones.